Left to Right: John Michael, Kevin Cooper, Kevin Kevin Fox. (photo by Cristy Minor)

Kevin Cooper

Kevin Cooper ("KC") joined the Kevin Fox Band full-time in July 2007, filling a new role that expanded the band into a quartet. He shares time between keyboard and electric guitar, switching constantly while also adding the high harmony vocal most of the time.

He has played in numerous bands over the past 18 years, and within the Cincinnati area since 1997. His most notable successes outside the KFB have been with the regionally-touring jam/ska/reggae band Four Ohms as a bassist, and with the launch of the new Cincinnati-based R&B/Funk band Daughters and Sons as a keyboard player.

KC on joining the KFB: I met these guys in 2006 while I was in the Family Trucksters, for whom they opened at Stanley's Pub. The KFB rarely plays this venue, or opens for bands like mine, so the fact we crossed paths at that time was interesting. A few weeks later, my wife and I saw Kevin play solo a few miles from our house, and during a break he asked if I played keys -and- guitar (despite having only seen me play bass), and asked me to join the band. I was a reasonable lead guitar player but a hack at best on keys, so of course I said 'Yes' anyway, and commenced to practicing the entire catalog. I started playing occasionally in March 2007, and by July I had been asked to sit in so often I just started showing up all the time without confirming. I've been here ever since.

Email: kc@thekevinfoxband.com