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Left to Right: John Michael, Kevin Cooper, Kevin Kevin Fox. (photo by Cristy Minor)

John Michael

John joined the KFB in late 2005. John has played with numerous bands across the mid-west. His most recent project John played bass for a band on the verge called Converwatts out of Minneapolis. John brings some explosive and contagious energy and enthusiasm to the band.

John on the live show
: "The KFB's live show is a concert. You get to see and hear a live, raw musical show. Plus you get that experience of a band that is singing what you've been thinking all along. I get pumped up on stage. To see the people in the crowd dancing and feeling our music is intoxicating. It makes us play harder and really get into what we are doing. The more intense the crowd, the more intense the show is going to be. Before my first show with KFB at the Strause Haus (Covington, KY), Kevin and Eric kept telling me about how great the people are there and they were right. My first show was crazy. The crowd was nuts and we ended up putting on a hell of a show. Everyone had a great time.

When you're passionate about what your doing like we are about our music, the audience can feel it."

Email: john@thekevinfoxband.com